Immediately following the kick-off meeting at the Charles University Environment Centre on 3&4 March 2014, all meeting participants then engaged in three days of training on project sustainability, i.e. how to ensure the longevity of the UNICO project after the implementation period is over. Partners were introduced to the overall concept of maintaining the sustainability of projects as conceived by the European Commission and were asked to perform some simple tasks that reinforced the importance of aligning project sustainability policy with the dissemination plan. As the Charles University Environment Centre possesses considerable expertise in education for sustainable development, which is highly relevant to all forms of tertiary level education, including language learning, project partners were also introduced to this important tool for adding value to existing and new teaching methodologies to foster important future-focused competences, such as critical thinking skills, cooperative learning and systems' thinking.

Sustainability presentations

The following documents are the primary presentations made during the course of the three-day training programme:

Training certificates

All those partners who successfully completed the three-day programme were issued with a Certificate of Completion



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