An international conference entitled "Lifelong Learning in the Knowledge Era: Theoretical and Practical Implications for Language Education" was held in Krasnoyarsk on 21-23 October 2015.

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The conference was aimed at strengthening links and collaboration between project partners and sharing experience and expertise among the consortium members as well as wider professional community, politicians, business, labour market, and of the stakeholders, dissemination of the project outcomes and drawing public attention to the problems of lifelong learning on regional, national and international levels.

The objectives of the conference were:

  • to create convenient conference formats for introducing  and discussing topical LLL issues;
  • to attract keynote speakers from six universities of Siberian Federal District of the Russian Federation, three universities of Tajikistan, two universities of Kyrgyzstan and three European universities – partners of the TEMPUS project network – for  dissemination of the project outcomes;
  • to invite leading experts from the Russian Fedration and abroad for the introduction of the new knowledge in the sphere of LLL;
  • to provide a workshop on the topic The significance of LLL and informal learning within national and European contexts for discussing long-term outcomes of the training on LLL in IOE, University College London (October 2014) and setting dynamic and effective vectors for further development;
  • to  invite representatives from the university top management, NGO, ministries, local authorities, businesses, sport and culture, labour market and the City Employment Centre, as well as  young scholars, UNICO alumni and other stakeholders for  a round table meeting on the topicLifelong Learning: Political, Economic, Social, Cultural, and Legal Intercrossing in order to summarize UNICO experience, foreground perspectives and create a working group for the development of the Mission Statement as a strategic project document for the sustainable development of the UNICO centres and the UNICO network;
  • to provide a number of public lectures on the conference topic;
  • to hold the IVth Coordination meeting on the project 544283-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-ES-TEMPUS-JPHES» for the project progress review and discussion on the project perspectives.

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Conference report available at the link.


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