Key Achievements of the UNICO Center

Educational programs:
- English for Personal Development
- English for Beginners (36 hours)
- English for Bankers (72 hours)
- English for Vets (72 hours)
- English Pre-Intermediate Level (36 hours)

Alumni / applicants: 72 / 75


About Partner

Naryn State University(NSU) is located in Naryn City along the Great Silk Road. It lies along the pristine Naryn River and is surrounded by beautiful snowcapped mountains and red sandstone cliffs. Over 50,000 people live in the city; however, Naryn retains the atmosphere of a bustling small town. Naryn is the economic and cultural center of the Naryn Region.

Naryn State University was founded  in the mountainous place of Naryn on May 22, 1996 by the decree of thefirst President of the Kyrgyz Republic. The opening of NSU was not only the pride for the peoplebut also a place where students  gethigh quality multilevel education. People in the town had a huge opportunity for the solution of social and cultural problems with the opening of the university .  On the 18 of December 2009 the name SatybaldyNaamatov was formally given to the University.

Satybaldy Naamatov  is one of the great minds of pedagogy of the 30th who was the originator of several books about educationand also who entered a novelty in education. He had made a great contribution to social, cultural sphere of Kyrgyzstan.

Undoubtedly the main purpose of the university is to train  highly qualified and competitive  specialists who will be the bridge for the raising  of intellectual, scientific and economic potential of the Naryn region.  The integral part of the university on the way of sustainable development is to qualify the teaching staff  which is considerate as the key objectives as well.

In the multilevel state educational institution, it is possible to get more than twenty nine directions of tuition according to programs for the bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Annually Teachers of NSU attend different trainings in Kyrgyzstan and abroad, they are working over different projects and benefit much where the innovation in the scope of administration, teaching, managing and cooperating is the main objective as in many other institutes. Local and international trainings contribute to the vigorous and professional development of teaching/learning staff. Most of the teacher’s syllabuses contain e-books, innovative learning and teaching materials, evolving handouts and exercises with real life examples, quizzes and tests which make teaching and learning effective.
NSU is an institution focused  mainly on natural science, social science and humanities. There are five faculties: Agro- technical, Pedagogical, Economics and business administration, philological and a faculty of distance and continuous education. In addition there are pedagogical, agrarian-economical colleges and the center of qualification for teachers.

From the date of its founding, NSU has given great importance to the establishment and development of cooperation between other universities in Kyrgyzstan and international universities, colleges and organizations. NSU  currently cooperates with American Universities : The University of Grate Falls, Montana State University, Turkey Gediz University,  China  Universities , San- Lin college in Korea, German Universities, Independent university of Berlin, Universities of Russian Federation, European Universities,  and other organizations (LOGO, DEULA).Also NSU cooperates with the American, Japan, Korean, China, German Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, UNDP, WinroxInstitut and Peace Corps
From 2004 with the purpose of educational modernization NSU collaborates with TEMPUS program which is supported by European Union. CANQUA, EDUCA, DoQuP, HONOR, MAPREE projects are implementing at NSU by collaborating with the international department. NSU in the consortium with other countries (Poland, Sweden, Greece, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, France, Spain, Nederland and Check Republic) collaborates and taking an active part in applying in the programs for teachers and students (Erasmus Mundus TOSCA,  Erasmus MundusEACEA ). More than 100 teachers and over 20 students have been trained according to these various programs.  The HONOR project (High Objectives of National Organizational Reform, or High problems of national organizational reform) within the TEMPUS program of the European commission devoted to train future trainers for advanced training courses of civil servants. These programs introduce  new standards of education, development of new programs of training of civil servants (the organization of parliamentary work is expected; human resources and public administration; fight against corruption; financial control, audit and assessment of the public expenditures, etc).

THE CENTER OF AMERICAN STUDIES in NSU  began in September 2004 which was founded  by a Peace Corps Volunteer, and it continues to operate on community contributions. Its main purpose is to develop cross-cultural relations between Kyrgyz and Americans.  The ASC at Naryn State University offers a wide variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities for students, teachers and professionals living in Naryn City, Kyrgyzstan. The ASC’s  activities include advanced English conversation clubs, TOEFL classes, teacher trainings, American culture events (like cooking club, movie nights, holiday parties, etc.), sports and much more. The center also hosts a library of over 4,000 English books and 500 movies. Both clubs and library materials are provided free of charge to the public. English clubs and events at the ASC are organized by Peace Corps Volunteers, local staff and university students.

TEMPUS “Long-life education” is a  project about sustainable development in education,  which is supported by European cooperation dedicated to the fields of education and vocational training respectively. The project finances programs and trainings in the field of education, such as the eLearning programme on the integration of ICT into education and training systems, the Europass initiative, which provides a single framework for the transparency of qualifications and competences, to support specific activities in the field of education and training.

Several teachers of the English department are UNICO project partners who operate the project with the slogan “Longlife education” as a part of sustainable development. The main role of  UNICO partners  is to organize Center of Excellence, which the main goal is teaching English. NSU is highly motivated in working in TEMPUS program and collaborate with othe TEMPUS institutions.

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