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Educational programs:
- English Language Programme (ELP) for work, socializing and travel
- Academic English Language Program (ELP)

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Established in 1967, the Novosibisk University of Economics and Management –NSUEM  has always been a pioneering  force in higher education training students in finance and economics and a well known educational and research centre in Western Siberia. In 2013 the University was included into the top 100 higher institutions in the Russian Federation.

As of September 2014, the University has Economic lyceum, Business School, Post- graduate School, International Business School, APTECH Certified Computer Center and Pre-university Academy.

Alongside with Bachelor’s and Master’s  Degrees programs the NSUEM offers vocational education (Business College) and pre-university education (School Academy and  Lyceum of Economics) programs .
The University has an excellent reputation for the high quality of teaching and research. Over 450 staff  including  63 Doctors of Sciences and 253 teachers with PhD degrees work at thirty University academic departments. Today the University  trains more than 11146 full time and correspondence  students.

The graduates make successful careers at industrial enterprises, financial institutions, banks, business and state agencies.

An important part of the University work is successful international cooperation and exchange, providing MBA academic programs and  awarding MBA degrees. The  University has made formal academic agreements  with 6 international institutions. Since 1991 students from China, Mongolia, South Korea have been studying successfully in different fields of Economics.

Interpreter  in the Field of Professional Communication Program was certified and accredited in the University in 1998.The program is aimed at increasing linguistic and multicultural competence in the field of professional and business interests of the trainees. The skills they acquire during the training  reinforce their professional and personal enrichment and enable them to enhance their  career opportunities. The course graduates work in the Translation Agencies,  the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the  Consulates, the  foreign corporations, banking and other companies.

The Novosibirsk University of Economics and Management role in the UNICO project

The University role in the UNICO project can be considered in two main contexts:

1. Knowledge work which includes professional development and on-the-job training of the University teachers;

2. Continuing education which means the integration of lifelong learning strategies into higher education system.

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