Key Achievements of the UNICO Center

Educational programs:
- English for businessmen (144 hours)

Alumni / applicants: 75 / 75

- Publication in newspaper Tajikmatlubot


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In 1987 according to decisions of Council of Ministers of the USSR from 27.06.1987 by №241 and decision of Centresoyuz of the USSR from 27/07/1987 by №272, on the basis of functioning the training advisory item of the Samarkand cooperative institute in ushanbe had been founded Dushanbe branch of Novosibirsk institute of the Soviet >operative trade, the rector of the institute at that time was professor Bernvald A.R.

In the first year of functioning, 99 staff units, had worked in the branch, including 48 teachers among them only 20 had scientific degrees and ranks. The number of the students of full time and correspondence forms of training were 400 students.

The branch carried out preparation of specialists of higher qualifications on 5 specialties:
- The Economy and management in trade and public catering;
- Book keeping and the analysis of economic activities;
- Commodity managements and the organization of trade of non-food goods;
- Commodity managements and the organization of food goods;
- Technology of production of public catering.

After the disintegration of the USSR, according to the Decision of the
Cabinet Ministers of the republic of Tajikistan from 25.11.1991 by №354 above-named branch has been transformed into Tajik State - Cooperative Commercial institute of Tajikpotrebsoyuz and in 1993. into Tajik State -cooperative - commercial Institute.

From 1987 till 1991 this department and then Institute up 1993 was headed by theformer chairman of the Board of Tajikpotrebsoyuz professor Gozibekov A. G.

From 1993 till 1994 the duties of the rector temporarily was appointed to the vice- chairman of the Board of Tajikpotrebsoyuz on the staff and educational institutions Kokova G.M.

From 1994 till2000 institute was headed by d. e. s., professor Boboev О. B.
According to the Decision of the Government of the republic of Tajikistan from 3.04.2000 by №162 the Tajik State Cooperative Commercial Institute has been transformed into Tajik State University of Commerce, which is sponsored by Tajikpotrebsoyuz.

From 2000 till November 2008 the Rector of the University was d.e.s. professor Fakerov Kh.N.

From November 2008 till present the Rector of the University is c. e. s. docent Sharipov M. M.

For the last years the material technical base of the University has considerably become stronger, qualitative staff of the teachers has improved, the degree of providing of the students with training-methodical literature and technical means of training has been raised.

Nowadays positive upheavals took place in the structure of managing of University 4 faculties of full-time department, faculty of correspondence department, 21 chairs, a uniform educational complex in Khojend, consisting of college of Commerce and the faculty of Commerce, and a gymnasium with the economic bias are functioning at the University.

The University prepares specialists of the top skills on 18 modern specialties including 21 specializations, best-selling on a labor market.

On the full time and the correspondence faculties of the university (including the educational complex in Khojend) train more than 9000students.

The TSUC is the first among High Schools of the republic, after the transition to the new state educational standards of the higher professional education, in 2007 the University has passed the state certification and in 2007 the state accreditation, it is awarded by license AY №0000399 from 26.06.2007 and the certificate on accreditation №000041 from 13.05.2008 of the Ministry of Education of the republic of Tajikistan.

Tajikistan, Dushanbe,
str. Dehoty, 1/2

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